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Mad In America is a resource and a community for those interested in rethinking psychiatric care in the United States and abroad.  MIA provides readers with news, personal stories, access to source documents, and the informed writings of bloggers that will further this enterprise.

ISEPP International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry is a nonprofit (503c) research and educational network whose focus is the critical study of the mental health movement. This organization focuses on many mental health issues, one of which includes the impact of biological psychiatry on children, notably the use of behavior-altering drugs such as stimulants to control behavior and boost rote educational performance.

CriticalThinkRx offers an alternative perspective based on empirical evidence to stimulate “critical thinking” and a more balanced evaluation of the “prescription situation” based on ethical codes of practice of medical and non-medical helping professions. The curriculum aims to sharpen critical skills of mental health and child welfare professionals assessing and practicing with children and adolescents who may be medicated with psychiatric drugs.

Peter Breggin M.D. has been informing the professions, media and the public about the potential dangers of drugs, electroshock, psychosurgery, involuntary treatment, and the biological theories of psychiatry for over three decades. He is the author of dozens of scientific articles and more than 20 professional books, many dealing with psychiatric medication, the FDA and drug approval process, the evaluation of clinical trials, and standards of care in psychiatry and related fields.

David Stein Ph.D. has won numerous honors and awards for his thirty years of devoted work in offering drug-free treatment and parenting alternatives for the most difficult and out-of-control-children and teens.  His website offers an opportunity for him to reach as many parents, teachers, physicians, social workers, and caregivers as possible.  If you are interested in learning about, and implementing, a non-medication approach to working with difficult children and teens (ADD/ADHD/ODD), you've come to the right place!

Howard Glasser M.A. is the Executive Director of the Children's Success Foundation in Tucson, Arizona.  He is designer of The Nurtured Heart Approach and the author of Transforming the Difficult Child.The NHA is an amazing set of strategies developed specifically for children with ADHD and other challenging behaviors to facilitate parenting & classroom success. These methods have helped thousands of families to transform their child from using their intensity in primarily negative ways to using their intensity in beautifully creative and constructive ways. This approach has also helped teachers and other school personnel to have a dramatically positive effect on all children.

William Glasser MD. is an internationally recognized psychiatrist who is best known as the author of Reality Therapy, a method of psychotherapy he created in 1965 and that is now taught all over the world.

John Rosemond is one of a handful of parenting experts who promote a truly traditional approach to raising children. John is a family psychologist with more than 25 years experience working with parents to improve the quality of life in their families.

Nancy Buck Ph.D. established ‘Peaceful Parenting’ to bring her knowledge and experience with effective parenting to the greatest number of parents and other caretakers of children.  Peaceful Parenting® teaches parents the skills necessary to navigate the push-pull relationship between themselves and their children.

The Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP) is a national network of lay people and professionals dedicated to advancing responsible and ethical medical research practices, to minimizing the risks associated with such endeavors and to ensuring that the human rights, dignity and welfare of human subjects are protected.

EdWatch supports knowledge-based education that promotes the American Creed, free enterprise, limited government, and the primacy of parental rights.  Site is full of informative articles, links to radio interviews, links to newspaper articles, and links to other resource materials.

EdAction exists to promote grassroots activism and work to ensure future Americans receive a broad, liberal arts education equipping them to be successful at whatever they want to do.

The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (PsychRights) is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) public interest law firm whose mission is to mount a  strategic legal campaign against forced psychiatric drugging and electroshock in the United States.  Currently, due to massive growth in psychiatric drugging of children and youth and the current targeting of them for even more psychiatric drugging, PsychRights has made attacking this problem a priority.  Children are virtually always forced to take these drugs because it is the adults in their lives who are making the decision.  This is an unfolding national tragedy of immense proportions.

Michael Valentine Ph.D. has served in a variety of positions as teacher, counselor, administrator and school psychologist at the elementary, junior high, continuation high school, high school and university levels.  For over twenty years, Dr. Valentine has used his discipline approach to help students, parents, teachers and school systems resolve most of these difficulties without having to use medication.

Toby Watson Psy.D. is the Executive - Clinical Director of Associated Psychological Health Services, a community-based psychological treatment center offering a broad range of psychological services including a comprehensive three hour per day and five hour per day enhanced group treatment program, featuring traditional and innovative individual and group therapies.

Fight For The Rights of Our Children.   Site designed to promote the health, well-being and better education of children all over the world.

National Committee of Grandparents for Children's Rights 
The dream of grandparents is to have a loving and continuous relationship with their grandchildren and, after each joyful visit, send them home to the welcoming arms of their parents where their well being is secure.

Fred Baughman M.D. is pediatric Neurologist providing information that proves ADD/ADHD is the "biggest health care fraud in America today."

John Breeding Ph.D. is a psychologist that publicly addresses the issue of drugging children.  He is a warm and caring individual who has the courage to question and speak out against his own industry.

Mary Ann Block M.D. is an inspiring doctor who looks at the whole child. She tackles a child's physical health, diet, nutrition, and allergies.   All of these are many times contributable factors as well as being underlying causes of behavior/inattention.

PsychSearch provides journalists, law enforcement, insurance investigators and citizens ready access to governmental reports on mental health practitioners across the state of Florida.
Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information Link (APRIL) is for: Public and medical awareness of the effects that drugs and medicines, prescribed for all medical conditions and those used for anesthesia, may have on mental stability. Leading to improved Risk Assessment before prescribing and Informed Choices for patients.

MindFreedom Support Coalition International unites 100 grassroots groups and thousands of members to win campaigns for human rights of people diagnosed with psychiatric disabilities. MindFreedom International is where mutual support meets human rights activism... and where democracy meets the mental health system.

AbleChild: Parents for Label and Drug Free Education consists of a growing number of parents outraged over both the subjective labeling (ADHD, ADD, OCD, ODD) and pervasive drugging of our children.  Our organization's goal in creating this website is to provide information to parents regarding the many subjective labels and the risks associated with drug "treatment" that are critical to their ability in making an informed decision.

Aspire is a unique and informative nonprofit organization where you will find information on safe and effective solutions for mental, emotional, and behavioral concerns.

CCHR has been on the front lines of mental health reform since 1969. In the early years, members of CCHR took to the streets to bring mental health abuses to public attention. Today, hundreds of groups have joined CCHR in calling for psychiatry to be brought under the law and for human rights to be restored to the mental health field.  CCHR members are active throughout the world organizing marches, public hearings, exhibits, and other actions to raise public awareness about the rampant criminality within psychiatry.

CHEC is a national non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public, specifically parents and caregivers, about environmental toxins that affect children's health.  Our ultimate goal is to eliminate children's exposure to man-made toxic substances by ensuring everyone’s right-to-know what is in their air, food, water and commercial products. We are working to achieve this goal through increased scientific research, government policies which are more protective of children, and educating and mobilizing individuals — like you — around the country.

The information at this web site has been assembled from information found at hundreds of other sites all over the web and details some of the biggest deceptions, frauds and myths currently being perpetrated on our society.

John Taylor Gatto was voted New York State Teacher of the Year.  He is an outspoken critic of today's educational system and travels throughout the world for speaking engagements addressing educational reform.

H.E.L.P.  “Learning is the key to anyone’s future;  with happy students who are competent learners, the H.E.L.P. program is building a bright future, one person at a time.”

The National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children is a non-profit, non sectarian organization formed over 30 years ago.  Its main goal is to get much needed information to the parents of gifted children.  Many of these gifted children are being destroyed by the public educational system.

Arts for Healing. "Creativity is something that exists in all human beings, no matter how disabled.  The arts provide a path into the minds of those who lack the skills to verbalize their thoughts, but still have plenty to teach us.  In using this therapy as a bridge for communication with those considered silent or disabled, we gain new awareness into the human mind and its potential."  Karen Nisenson, C.M.T., Adjunct Professor of Music Therapy, New York University, Founder, Arts for Healing.
The American Policy Center (APC), located in suburban Washington, D.C., is a privately funded, nonprofit, 501 c (4), tax-exempt grassroots action and education foundation dedicated to the promotion of free enterprise and limited government regulations over commerce and individuals.  The American Policy Center has developed a wide range of programs designed to enhance national awareness of crucial global and domestic developments.  APC focuses on many issues, which include federal education policy and its effect on local schools and parental rights.
Safe Harbor is a nonprofit corporation, founded in 1998 and based in Los Angeles, California.  This group was created to serve an ever growing public, seeking alternatives to established mental health treatments.
 ADD/ADHD The purpose of this website is to address the fears and doubts of any parent who is forced to ask these questions. We are not experts. We are parents and grandparents who know that drugging our children is not the answer. That singling out a child as "different" and giving him one of these negative labels can effect his self esteem and also follow him for the rest of his/her life.

ADHD-Report THE PARENTAL INTELLIGENCE REPORT ON ‘ADHD’.  The debate over attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and the drugging of children diagnosed with ADHD has been rekindled in Australia, one of several countries to have followed the U.S. ADHD trend over recent decades.

SSRI Citizen Every day millions and millions of Americans take SSRIs — drugs like Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft and Effexor — just to name a few. This population includes men, women, children (even infants) who come from all walks of life. In fact, so many Americans are under the influence of these drugs that one might argue we are fast becoming "One nation, under Prozac".

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