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A Central New York Not-for-Profit Agency Providing
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Restorative Justice



Peacekeeper Circles

WHAT is being practiced in Circles?

RESPECT – every perspective is valued as meaningful to that individual

EQUALITY – expectations are the same for adults as they are for students

EMPATHY & EMOTIONAL LITERACY – greater opportunity to reflect on what you are feeling and to talk about your feelings than in normal conversations.  We are nurturing and developing our capacity for empathy.

PROBLEM SOLVING – operating from a place of confidence in the innate capacity of humans as a collective to work our way through difficult places

RESPONSIBILITY – practicing with both words and actions.  The physical structure of a Circle encompasses a non-verbal kind of accountability.

SELF REGULATION AND SELF AWARENESS – each participant is exercising self-control and self-discipline to make the circle possible.  All must wait to speak, listen without responding immedicately, and delay their own need to speak.

SHARED LEADERSHIP – practice of fundamental democracy in which all voices are heard and all interests must be treated with dignity

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